Jyotir Lingum Yatra

A travel log for my journey to 10 Jyotir Lingums throughout south and central India, November-December 2002 with my yoga group, Dhyanyoga Centers.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003
Why I am a Hindu

"I am a Hindu because of the sculptured cones of red kumkum powder and baskets of yellow tumeric nuggets, because of garlands of flowers and pieces of broken coconut, because of the clanging of bells to announce one's arrival to God..."

-- from Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Right now I am reading this wonderful story called Life of Pi. I am reading it slowly, savoring it. Not only does the story resonate with me because of my own personal relationship to my beliefs and experiences, but I thought this little quote set the stage for some of the pictures I want to share with you today, despite struggling with my scanner and also being in the midst of many other projects.

The following images are street scenes that I thought began to capture the color and texture of street life in India, especially when it surrounds a famous holy place. The temple at the center of these pictures is dedicated to a great saint named Jnaneshwar. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures inside, but I liked the results from outside in any case.

Entrance to shrine

Painting of Jnaneshwar

Street vendors outside temple

Notice the cones of red kumkum powders

On the way to the shrine

The colorful commercial vehicles always caught my attention.

Until next post, Namaste!