Jyotir Lingum Yatra

A travel log for my journey to 10 Jyotir Lingums throughout south and central India, November-December 2002 with my yoga group, Dhyanyoga Centers.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Temple of Harsiddhi

Last time I promised you a tour of a temple dedicated to the Goddess, especially in the midst of all these ultra-masculine Shiva Lingums. This particular temple to the Divine Mother will probably always stay with me. Keep scrolling down, and maybe you'll get an idea why.

Although a small structure, this temple is filled with the Goddess in more ways than one!

This photo is so very valuable to me, because in it I can read all the fascinating historial particulars of Harsiddhi.

Behind the lion are the columns mentioned in the above description and the tank dating back to 1447.

This is the Shree Yantra mentioned in the plaque inscription. It is a geometric representation of the play of the Divine Mother or her Leela. It is in the center of the ceiling.

Harsiddhi glazes out sweetly. Hers is the orange face in the middle. This is a glipse into the temple's inner sanctum.

Painted images of the Goddess's myriade forms encircle the inner dome of the temple.

Garlands of fresh flowers are strung throughout the temple.

The form in the center of this photo looks rather Egyptian

The Goddess is often depicted mounted on grand beasts like lions, tigers, and elephants.

I hope you enjoyed the color and magic of the Harsiddhi Temple.

More soon.