Jyotir Lingum Yatra

A travel log for my journey to 10 Jyotir Lingums throughout south and central India, November-December 2002 with my yoga group, Dhyanyoga Centers.

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Monday, December 16, 2002
Cyber escape in Bombay

Because we had 4-5 hours to kill in Bombay before our flight to Indore after flying in from Pune this morning, the tour director thought that the group would like to shop in a department store. Sounds like a good idea, right? WRONG! Yes, it was a department store, but the sales clerks descended on us like vultures on fresh kill, and I found it all too overwhelming.

I thought, o.k. I'll see if they have any short style salwaar kamez in my size. I didn't think they would have anything that I had to have, and I get annoyed when they suggest I could let something out. I would sooner have a taylor just make me something to size, which I have already done with reasonable success.

So I escaped on foot, knowing I had about one hour to catch back up with the group. There was a university close by teaming with students, and I was told there was a cyber cafe near it. Yes, I found the place, and I have to admit that it's about the worst cyber cafe I have been in, full of loud PC gamers using expletives I have not heard used so liberally in months. It definitely looks like an operation put together by students on a shoestring budget, but for me it's better than being stuck in a shopping hell.

At one point it was getting so loud and obnoixious with excited PC gamers that I just about gave up the idea of updating the blog today, simply because I could not heard myself think. The guys that run this palce were nice enough to move me to the back room. Gamers are a breed unto themselves no matter where in the world they are!