Jyotir Lingum Yatra

A travel log for my journey to 10 Jyotir Lingums throughout south and central India, November-December 2002 with my yoga group, Dhyanyoga Centers.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Better shopping luck in Aurangabad

Last night, some members of the group, including myself, were talking about going to the Ellora Caves today, on our 2nd free day here in Aurangabad. Some people on the trip have seen the caves, and preferred the idea of resting, but the rest of us tried to make arrangements, until we found out that the caves were closed today. (We are going to try and fit in going to the caves Thursday afternoon, which may work out better in the long run in any case.) So, I had another free day, and thought I would give shopping in this place one more chance.

I found that when I asked to go to a specific place I get better results from the rickshaw drivers than when I tell them just to take me to a general area. For instance, when I made it clear that I specifically wanted to go to the Timex store in Nirala Bazaar, I actually GOT there without being driven in circles! Imagine that! Maybe he understood it when I said I was not going to pay him unless he got me exactly where I wanted to go!

So besides being successful in the watch store, we were dropped off in a more upscale shopping area where I was able to not only find nice men's dress shirts, but also an appropriate silk saree for a friend back home, Kris. It's really a lovely lavendar with a pink and gold border. I think she will look completely elegant in it! I also had this same friend's measurements to make the cholee top with me, so I was able to give them to a taylor right away.

Usually when you purchase a saree, it not only needs some finishing, but it also come with extra material to make the matching top. This matching top fabric is just cut off by the taylor. It is past the very decorative part of the end of the saree, called the paloo. If all goes as planned, not only will I have a complete outfit for my friend back home, but also two more punjabi pants suits for myself. Since I cannot buy anything off the rack because I am too large (by India standards at least), I usually will have a taylor make me something custom fitting when I get the chance. I asked that one of the outfits be made "short" (i.e. the top) so hopefully it will be something appropriat to wear to work back at the library. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as my order is supposed to be finished by Thursday evening!